KIDSatLAKE Pädagogik - Wir sehen jedes Kind als Individuum und fördern es entsprechend seiner einzigartigen Fähigkeiten und Stärken.


Our principles apply in the nurseries as well as the kindergarten:

  • We treat each child with respect and consideration.
  • We encourage, strengthen and promote your child in all important areas of development and offer a feeling of security, safety and support.
  • We create the ideal surrounding for the children in which they can develop continuously and in the best possible way.
  • We see each child as individual and support them according to their unique abilities and strengths. The aim is to build on strengths and learn from weaknesses.
  • We work with ages-specific groups who are in the same stage of development and have similar needs. In doing so, we orient ourselves on each individual child and his or her stage of development.
  • We promote a sense of community and ensure mutual understanding in the groups.
  • We maintain a strong and positive educational partnership with the parents. This ensures that your child’s education and development at home and in our location go hand in hand.
  • We work with a qualified, friendly and international team. We exclusively employ passionate and warm-hearted staff.