Music is a central component at KIDSatLAKE. We have early musical education in both the nursery and the kindergarten.

We promote the musicality of the children through specific offer such as:

  • Rhythmic play and experience
  • Early dance education
  • Movement and sport with music
  • Painting with music
  • Singing in the group or kindergarten group
  • Playing with Orff instruments

The musical advancement increases creativity, intelligence, teamwork and concentration.

With us children can make their first experience with Orff instruments. They can try things out, develop musical understanding, and often this is how long-term interest in making music is awakened.

About the music lessons

In the group the children learn to see their body as an instrument. First steps of music theory are developed with playful techniques, through singing, rhythms and clapping to songs. They also learn to play simple instruments.

The children profit in many ways from their early musical education. Music improves the cognitive development, memory, children’s ability to learn and express them selves as well as their social skills.

Music is an excellent way to express yourself and a great source of balance in a child’s life.

My name is Amber Sieber and in 2018 I startet teaching Music at KIDSatLAKE.

Currently I am working on my Bachelor of Music and will continue my studies for a Master in Music Education in Winterthur. I play the piano, guitar and complete my studies vocally in the genre of jazz.

Amber Sieber

I have a solo project called “Amber Rae” under which I published an album and I am planning a second one.

Teaching music at KIDSatLAKE is a great opportunity for me, to share my love of music with the children. I am bilingual and grew up with Swiss-American parents and teach music in both English and German.