KIDSatLAKE - Während der Eingewöhnungsphase lernt Ihr Kind die Kinderkrippe, die Betreuer und Tagesabläufe kennen.


We are aware of the fact that it is a great step for you as parents to place your child in a child care facility.

You hand over part of your daily responsibility and your child spends a great part of the day not with you anymore, but in our facility.

If you decide on childcare in a nursery, important points need to be considered and clarified:

  • Which nursery is best suited for you and your child and corresponds to the individual needs?
  • What do the different care facilities offer?
  • What are the differences and what to you expect of the facility and the care givers?

The introduction phase in the nursery is crucial for the further course of childcare outside the family. We work according to the Berlin acclimatisation concept. Each child is allowed to arrive with us at his or her own individual pace and needs.

Depending on the age and developmental stage of the child, the introduction phase takes different lengths of time. Each child gets the time it needs.

During the introduction phase the child gets to know his or her caregivers, familiarize itself with the premises and play opportunities, and contact other children.

It gets to know the day rhythm with its rules, procedures and activities. In the beginning the care time is very short and is continuously increased, until the child spends his or her first full day with us.

During the introduction phase we closely work with you as parents. You know your child best and maybe, until now, you were the only caregiver.

We want to shape the introduction phase in a way that is most comfortable for you and your child. It is important to us that everybody involved is allowed to feel comfortable with the tempo and the way we manage the introduction phase.

Feel free to contact us any time with questions or concerns you might have. An open communication is the basis of any good collaboration.