In our nurseries and kindergarten, we only employ only qualified staff. Get to know us!

Johanna Maria Koller

Eigentümer / CEO
My main idea when founding KIDSatLAKE, was a high-quality pedagogical concept with an international orientation that offers fastidious parents flexibility and children loving care and individual support.
As a private bilingual day care centre we have a high standard of quality and a carefully developed pedagogical concept which is based on our many years of experience as well as continues development.
For me and KIDSatLAKE, obstacles are not a burden on the company. The challenges are the reasons that since 2011 we’ve constantly been growing and can now draw on a wealth of experience.
“All obstacles and difficulties are steps on which we climb higher.”
(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Katrin Haniss


I`m already part of the KIDSatLAKE Team since 10 years and I can say, I really like to work with Johanna and the Team. My responsibility is the operative management with all the daily challenges. I am taking care that everything runs smoothly and we can provide the high standards.

KIDSatLAKE TEAM - Nadja Balazova

Nadja Balazova

Leitung Zollikon – Kinderkrippe
KIDSatLAKE TEAM - Keith Normand

Keith Normand

Leitung Zollikon – Kindergarten
KIDSatLAKE TEAM - Mara Almeida

Mara Almeida

Leitung Rüschlikon – Kindergarten
KIDSatLAKE TEAM - Lola Jurado

Lola Jurado

Leitung Bäch – Kinderkrippe
KIDSatLAKE TEAM - Melanie Brunner

Melanie Brunner

Leitung Zug – Kinderkrippe + Pre-Kindergarten
KIDSatLAKE TEAM - Rahel Ambauen

Rahel Ambauen

Leitung Luzern 1 + 2 – Kinderkrippe
KIDSatLAKE TEAM - Mara Almeida

Mara Almeida

Leitung Oberrieden + Rüschlikon – Kinderkrippe